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"Dr. Deborah Nixdorf has been my naturopath for ten years.  During that time, she helped bring me from surviving to thriving, by coaching me in the ways of natural medicine, acupuncture, an anti-inflammatory diet, discovering my food allergies, and dealing with the stress of life. Throughout my recovery, I participated with her in choosing my health priorities and goal setting. She is an excellent listener and care specialist who is able to zero-in on her patients' needs. I recommend her highly." - L.D.


"Dr. Nixdorf is the most caring, compassionate provider I have ever seen. She includes the entire body and existence in her treatments. I feel very well-cared for and important to her. She has helped me take my health to a level western medicine alone could not do, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. I am profoundly thankful I was referred to her." -A.K. 


"Whenever I go to Dr. Nixdorf with a problem or issue she helps me. I feel relaxed and well-cared for; and really like that I am being treated by someone who is dual licensed in Naturopathy and Acupuncture. What a treasure we have." -B.E. 


"While on vacation in Cuba, several people in our travel group became sick. Dr. Nixdorf was so helpful in guiding us through the best ways of navigating our various ailments using food and natural medicine. Thanks to Dr. Nixdorf, we were able to continue enjoying our travels without seeking additional medical attention." -A.W. 


"Dr. Nixdorf provides an incredible array of care with naturopathic, holistic, acupuncture, and wellness. She has supported my physical and personal wellness journey to a much deeper level of healing!" -A.B. 


"Dr. Nixdorf is an empathically insightful and gifted Naturopath. She listens carefully and finds solutions for deep healing. I am grateful to have found such a caring soul." -R.B. 


"Dr. Nixdorf is a wonderful, warm, kind caring and truly compassionate person. While talking with her one day, I thought she has truly found her calling. She is an awesome lady, does a very thorough job, and you know she really cares about you!" -V.G. 


"I can’t recommend Dr. Nixdorf enough. Repeatedly she has helped me with medical conditions that pop up, including an illness that both urgent care and the ER could not diagnose and properly treat. She uses diverse modalities to treat and is very thorough in listening and understanding patient complaints. She is definitely an asset to our community." -38 y/o female 


"Dr. Nixdorf is amazing. I was feeling so poorly with lack of energy and in 5 weeks I was doing things energy wise that I had not been able to do in almost two years. She really knows how to work with the body and heal it." -46 y/o female 


"I had heard about Naturopathic Physicians and Acupuncture, but had never had any personal experience with either forms of treatment. I was in an automobile accident that left me with a bulging disc in my neck and problems from the base of my skull to my lower back. I had been to my primary care physician, physical therapists (yes, more than one), massage therapists, neurologists, and other western medicine specialists. While I received great care from them, I was ready to look to other forms of treatment. I visited a Chiropractor, who was amazing, and agreed that I should try Acupuncture. My first appointment with Dr. Nixdorf had me in tears. I was met by the most compassionate, intuitive, caring, understanding, professional woman. She wanted to know about all aspects of my health. She wanted the lab and test results I had done, she wanted to know what I was currently doing for treatment, we talked about what had been going on in my life outside from dealing with healing from the accident, and, along with other things, she wanted to know what I wanted from treatment. Dr. Nixdorf is a true healer in that she wants scientific information (like lab results, x-rays, MRI’s, etc.), but looks far beyond just that aspect of treating me – me as a whole person, and as a unique individual. While she may see many clients with similar issues, no two are treated the same because she individualizes and personalizes each person’s treatment and treatment plan. She worked with me on everything from nutrition, lifestyle, physical healing, emotional well-being, everything! 

I was nervous, but not terrified. My first acupuncture treatment was great – I fell asleep! I had not experienced that sort of comfort and relaxation in a VERY long time. That ended up being my typical reaction to treatment. And yes, that is with needles in! The surprising part is that I hardly felt the needles go in, or realize they were there.  Dr. Nixdorf was the only one to focus on my lower back, and while I shouldn’t have been, I was so surprised to experience substantial improvement. What a relief! And my back, and well-being as a whole, continued to improve. I can’t tell you how it works, but what I can tell you is that it does. Dr. Nixdorf is a true healer and an amazing person. I am so much healthier and have had such amazing results from her treatment. I am so thankful to have met, and been treated by, Dr. Nixdorf."  41 y/o female

"Dr. Nixdorf is what I consider a genuine doctor—a healer who is focused solely on the wellbeing of her patients.  For most of my adult life I have experienced certain low-grade chronic symptoms. I have worked with several doctors and tried many approaches with little success in finding the root causes. I started working with Dr. Nixdorf a few years ago. She has worked diligently to understand my symptoms, prescribe and interpret lab tests, and track my progress and response to treatments. She prepares in advance for appointments, does independent research and has a broad background of knowledge that she draws upon to suggest treatments and lifestyle adjustments. Dr. Nixdorf’s combination of natural medicine (herbal, homeopathy, acupuncture) with laboratory analysis (blood tests, etc.) is unique and effective. With this approach, she has helped me identify and improve in several areas. She has also helped my wife and daughter for many years to effectively treat several conditions." -T.L. 

"I can't say enough about Dr. Nixdorf and how amazing she is!!! I have had issues with both of my jaws swelling and wanted to go see her for years but never did. Last November I had knee replacement surgery and developed restless leg syndrome. It affected my life so much, I had to cancel a trip to Italy and any long distance traveling (including seeing my grandchildren in California). I decided to just do it, go see Dr. Nixdorf. Wow!!! My first appointment was 1-1/2 HOURS! When have you EVER had that much time with a doctor? She looked over my paperwork, and said the restless leg will be a piece of cake, but the jaw swelling, THAT intrigued her. I've been dealing with the jaw swelling for over 15 years and have seen over seven doctors. The last doctor told me it was allergies and it happens a lot (I do not know anyone who has had the same symptoms) and told me I could take up to TEN allergy medications a day. What? So going to see Dr. Nixdorf, I have not only resolved the issue of the restless leg syndrome, but I now have a diagnosis on WHY my jaw swells! AMAZING doctor. Very intuitive, wonderful atmosphere, AWESOME staff, I can't say enough. If you're looking for a doctor who will LISTEN to you, Corvallis Natural Medicine is the place. Check out her website! I am SO happy I found Dr. Nixdorf!!!!"-B.G. 


"Dr. Nixdorf is amazing, I was so sick could not even do dishes without resting for the day. She found the problem and in days I started to improve. She helped me regain my health in ways I never thought possible. After working with her for a few years my health is so improved I walked over 800 miles last year. She is amazing. True healing of the body not making the symptoms! She cares and works with you, never making you feel ashamed or guilty, always encouraging." -T.L. 


"I've been fighting migraines since I was in the second grade (30+ years) and was prescribed every medication under the sun by multiple doctors. With nothing to lose and the threat of losing my job looming over me I went to Dr. Nixdorf to see what Naturopathic Medicine could do. Dr. Nixdorf wasn't interested in prescribing medicine but locating a source of the issue, after a blood test we found some potential food allergies to consider. At that point I was going to the hospital every 2 weeks with debilitating migraines, once I started avoiding my food allergies, I went 8 months without having one. Thank you Dr. N, you've improved my quality of life and saved me from great pain!" -M.D. 


"I started seeing Dr. Deborah for my anxiety and she has helped so much. First just taking the time to listen to me and I felt heard! Then helping me by making sure I am taking care of body! She was amazing and I am going to her forever! Can't wait to start acupuncture someday soon! Hands down amazing!" - J.R. 


"Dr. Nixdorf is a very attentive and intelligent Naturopath and Acupuncturist. She helped me with my overall energy and inflammation. She put me on supplements where I was deficient, and helped me to revamp my diet. Now my inflammation has decreased immensely and I feel so much more full of life. If I have future issues I plan to see her again." -C.R. 


"Dr. Nixdorf is THE most compassionate, attentive, thoughtful and genuinely caring medical professional I have ever known. She has a wealth of knowledge in her field and really takes the time to do the investigative work with each patient to determine the best possible way to help them. She is honest, supports cooperative healthcare and will refer patients to other physicians if necessary. She tailors the treatment to the individual. I cannot recommend her enough! A wonderful human being." -C.G. 


"Dr. Nixdorf is caring and compassionate beyond words. She incorporates the entire body and being in treatments. She compliments my physician and has helped improve my health beyond what western medicine alone could do. She takes time, listens, encourages and supports all the while creating a treatment plan that works. I am profoundly grateful for Dr. Nixdorf." -A.K. 


"I have come to respect very highly Dr. Nixdorf's input into my overall health and well being. She will address the cause and find ways to prevent, not just treat symptoms. She is very thorough, compassionate and intuitive. I wish my extended family lived closer so that they could benefit from her treatment as well. She is a blessing in my life!" 47 y/o female


"When I first met Dr. Nixdorf, I had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for years. I was at a loss for what to do next. Dr. Nixdorf sat with me in my pain and walked beside me as we rolled back the layers and found ways to calm the storms. Her knowledge of the body and the mind allowed her to see the whole of me. I was able to stop taking medications and had two successful pregnancies under her care. I would not be where I am today if not for her and I am forever grateful for her care. She is a gift." - S.L. 


"When I first met Dr. Nixdorf, I had no idea what to expect. I had no references and only knew that she was working in a group with a chiropractor that I had seen. Over seven years later, I would describe her in two words: “Miracle worker!” She helped me through intense physical pain and emotional issues in my life that no one else had been able to repair. Even if she couldn’t do something, she knew the best person who could, I took all her recommendations. I had such great success and recovery that I had both of my teen children, one boy, one girl, see her and they adore having visits and treatment from her. She truly makes all her patients feel special because she listens and cares. She heals your body and soul." -S.A. 

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